Kaffa Chiri Cooperative

Birthplace Coffee Co.

Kaffa Chiri Cooperative

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  • Kaffa = KuH - Fah 
  • Chiri = Chh - Ree

The Region:

Chiri Cooperative is located in the Decha district of the Kaffa Zone, which is in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region. The zone gets its name from the old Kingdom of Kaffa, which spanned parts of what is now south western Ethiopia from 1390–1897. It is also where coffee is rumored to have been discovered, which explains why Kaffa and coffee sound so similar.

The Story

Chiri Cooperative was started in 2010. With NGO support a wet mill for processing coffees and providing much needed agronomical and business support to the farmers was established dramatically improving coffee quality and output. Chiri Cooperative provides support to a few hundred local small-holder farmers in the region.

Dry Aroma

Cookie-like sweetness, with dried fruit and floral accents

Wet Aroma:

Molasses, peach tea & ginger cookie

The Taste:

Honey-like sweetness, jasmine tea, sweet-lemon, barley tea, rose hips, dried fruit, & plum