Kecho Tirtira Cooperative

Birthplace Coffee Co.

Kecho Tirtira Cooperative

$ 11.50


  • Kecho = Kuh - CHo 
  • Tirtira = TuhR - TuhR - Ahh

The Region:

Limu is a town in Jimma, which itself is one of the  20 zones in the Oromia Region. Of the 9 ethnic regions in Ethiopia, Oromia is the largest by population and area. It spans across central Ethiopia and is a vital place for coffee production.

The Story:

Nestled below the surrounding Ethiopian Highlands is the Kecho Tirtira Cooperative. Coffee farms in this region are particularly high up and are found at around 1900 - 2000 meters above sea level. Yet despite this elevation, the Kecho Tirtira Cooperative still acts as a natural catchment of rain water below the Highlands. Since forming in 2010, the cooperative has made significant advances in the processing and drying of their coffee, and importantly continues to produce a delicious crop.

Dry Aroma

Lightly caramelized sugar & almond marzipan notes

Wet Aroma:

Toffee-praline, sweet red honey, and subtle citrus

The Taste:

Bold flavors of fruit and nut are well pronounced in this coffee. Pear, red berry, almond, and hazelnut are all present, making this undoubtedly less acidic than other coffees near this region. This works great in espresso.