Our Ethos

In Roasting:
We roast Ethiopian coffee, but we take a Nordic approach. We roast to accentuate terroir--the soil that gave birth to the seed, the sun that shone down on its leaves, the water that bathed it, and the hands that nurtured it. We want you to taste the sweetness and acidity of wild-grown Ethiopia in every cup, so we keep it light to medium.
In Sourcing:
Where our coffee comes from matters, clearly. We source our coffee responsibly, in every sense of the word. That means we work to ensure our coffee meets the standards of the Fair Trade Foundation* & when possible Organic Certification**.

* We source Fair Trade instead of Direct Trade (i.e. paying above Fair Trade prices) because while it's all well and good to say you're paying farmers above Fair Trade prices, Direct Trade can't be certified or verified, and so it doesn't really mean anything. Oftentimes, we do pay our farmers prices above Fair Trade anyway. 

** In most of Ethiopia, agrochemicals are not necessary and farmers grow coffee using 100% organic methods, though it isn't always certified.

& Beyond:
For us, it's not enough just to pay farmers and coffee growers above average wages. It's a start, but it shouldn't be where the relationship ends. That's why we partner with organizations like Charity : Water to ensure that coffee farmers have the right support and access to resources they need.
That's also why we work with organizations like Techno Serve to encourage the economic development of coffee regions and support sustainable water infrastructure and farming practices, because coffee production uses a lot of water and can be extremely harmful to soil. So, part of ensuring coffee farmers have access to the right resources, means making coffee farming a more financially sustainable, as well as environmentally sustainable practice, so that the water and soil they need to make great coffee are always there. Plus, it's just kinda the right thing to do.
We're building towards a more sustainable, ethical, and economically inclusive coffee culture globally.
Grown in Ethiopia, made in California.