Moka Pot

A timeless classic since 1933, the Moka Pot uses pressure to push water upwards through finely ground coffee beans to create a deliciously rich cup of coffee. What you'll need:
  • a food-grade scale
  • a grinder (preferably a burr grinder)
  • a kettle
  • a Moka Pot
  • 20g of coffee, finely ground
  • just enough water to fill the bottom chamber
  1. Grind your coffee using a burr grinder to ensure grounds are consistent in size and that the coffee is extracted evenly. Grind your coffee very fine, to the consistency of table salt 
  2. Boil the water and bring it to ~205 degrees Fahrenheit (or about ~5 seconds after boiling)
  3. Pour the water into the bottom chamber, making sure not to overfill it
  4. Add the coffee grounds into the top chamber (make sure the grounds are flat!) and secure the chamber on top of the pot
  5. Screw on the top of the moka pot and place it on a stove on medium-high heat
  6. When enough pressure builds, you'll hear a hissing sound and the coffee should be done being pushed to the top