French Press

While the French Press method can be one of the simplest ways to brew a great cup of coffee, it is also the easiest way to over-extract your coffee thus leaving it quite bitter. Therefore, it's really important to stick to the recommended grind sizes and brewing time. What you'll need:
  • a food-grade scale
  • a grinder (preferably a burr grinder)
  • a kettle
  • a butter knife
  • 30g of coffee, coarsely ground
  • 600g of water, 300g for brewing, the rest to warm the French Press
  1. Grind your coffee to a coarse grind, coarser than you would for a pour over and Chemex. 
  2. Boil 300g of water and bring it to ~205 degrees Fahrenheit (or ~5 seconds after boiling)
  3. Pour half of your water into your French Press and place its top on to warm it all the way through for a few seconds. If your French Press isn't properly warmed up, it will dramatically slow down your brewing time. 
  4. While the French Press warms, bring another 300g of water to 205 degrees Farenheit
  5. Empty your French Press and place your French Press on top of your scale
  6. Add the coffee grounds to your French Press, making sure they are level. Tare (or zero out) your scale
  7. Quickly begin pouring your water in a circular motion, starting from the center and going outward. You want to pour enough water so that it's double the amount of coffee grounds you used--so, if you used 30g of coffee, stop pouring when you have 60g of water in your French Press.
  8. Quickly stir the coffee and water mixture for about 10 seconds using a butter knife (or anything similar) to make sure all of your coffee is wet.
  9. Pour the rest of the water in, continuing in a circular motion working from the inside towards the outside of the grounds
  10. Give the grounds one more gentle stir with your butter knife
  11. Place the top back on the French Press, but do not lower the plunger 
  12. Let sit to "brew" for 4 minutes
  13. Press the plunger firmly down to stop the brewing process
  14. Pour the entire contents into a carafe or some other container to ensure you don't over-extract the coffee