Our Story

Ethiopians have a rich tradition of home-roasting and my household wasn't any different. Some of my earliest and fondest memories involve waking up to the smell of Ethiopian coffee roasting. Sweet peach kisses, soft drops of lemon, wisps of honeysuckle and lavender tea wafting through the air to gently lift me to consciousness. Life truly began with coffee, and coffee began in Ethiopia.

As its birthplace, Ethiopia is the only place in the world where over 3,000 distinct varieties of coffee grow wild and free. This stunning biodiversity leads to intensely complex and delicious flavor profiles and often some of the most coveted coffee in the world. Yet despite this, Ethiopian coffee farmers largely live in poverty and often don't have many of the resources they need to ensure their coffee production remains sustainable and viable. Since coffee production is very water-intensive and Ethiopia is often drought-stricken, one of those important resources is water. Unfortunately coffee production is also very taxing on the environment and its production often leads to the pollution of the already scarce water resources the farmers have. This didn't seem right to me, so I sought to change that.

Birthplace Coffee Co. started with the simple idea that beautiful coffee can be produced in an environmentally sustainable, economically inclusive, and ethical way, all while highlighting the subtle delicacies of coffee's birthplace. I want to tell the story of my Ethiopia, share with you the Ethiopian coffee I fell in love with growing up, and make sure Ethiopian coffee farmers have the necessary resources to ensure we can continue to enjoy their coffee for many years to come. That's why we donate 50% of profits to charities that support coffee farmers (on the field and beyond), encourage sustainable farming practices, and fund water infrastructure projects. I want to give back to the country I once called home, the country that is my birthplace, and the birthplace of the coffee we all know and love. And as Ethiopia's number one export that nearly 25% of the population depend on for their livelihood, I definitely plan on making an impact.


Grown in Ethiopia, made in California.

- Bersabel Tadesse; Founder, Head Roaster, & CEO